Wema Sepetu has tried being in relationships with several men after her break up with Bongo star Diamond Platinumz but the relationships did not seem to last long.

One of her ex-lovers Patrick Christopher has opened up be feeling like the Tanzanian actress was just using him.

The man, who is popularly known as PCK explained, through an Instagram post, that Wema convinced him to help get start various businesses but she, later on, failed to honor their agreement of refunding the money in intervals and conned him millions of dollars.

He also claimed that the Tanzanian actress has been trying to tint his image by making people think that he subjects the women he dates to abuse yet it is not true.

He posted;


Wema was also recently exposed for conning a Kenyan company

A source that is close to Wema Sepetu informed Edgar Obare that a Kenyan company sponsored Wema’s entire batraitric surgery including travel. The company hired her as the brand ambassador but as soon as she got to Tanzania, she went silent and did not follow through on the deal.

According to this source, the company allegedly spent 2.5 million Kenyan shillings on Wema Sepetu for her travel to India, cost of surgery and other expenses.

Before Wema travelled to India, the company signed a contract with the Viva Serenity company as a brand ambassador.

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