It is official that media personality Kamene Goro and her man Dj Bonez are the newest couple in town. This has been revealed by her friend Jalang’o who has posted them together with Kamene in a pink gown and the Dj in a matching suit.

Jalang’o congratulated them for their nuptial and wished them all the best. “Love is a beautiful thing! Congratulations my sister @kamenegoro and @deejaybonez254 on your wedding day! Love you, guys.”

He has further posted a number of videos on his Insta stories at the wedding venue joking with them about how they planned to have the wedding in secret.

Kamene and Dj Bonez tried to keep their relationship under wraps and free from the media but failed.

They recently celebrated two years of love. We congratulate them and wish them many more together.

It has not always been roses for the radio presenter as far as relationships go. In a previous interview, Kamene disclosed how she had gotten married in 2016. She was just 23 years of age then and had just finished her law degree.

Her boyfriend, who was at the time residing in another country had asked for her hand in marriage leading her to give up her job in two days’ notice in order to move in with her new husband.

She, however, says that when it was time for him to meet her parents, they did not like him.
Her mother-in-law did not like her either and would sometimes go to the extent of sending her son food to keep her from eating “bad” food prepared by Kamene.Kamene described her ex-husband as a serial cheat who slept out a lot. She referred to her relationship with her husband as difficult and troubled.

The worst part, however, was when her husband abruptly put a stop to their relationship while they were having a conversation on the phone.

This came at a time when Kamene was back in the country owing to a disagreement that they had earlier had.

According to Kamene, they have never spoken again since and she in fact had to get the help of a lawyer to get her belongings shipped back into the country.

She also narrated how she busted her ex who happened to be cheating on her.

The couple had been enjoying their holiday together at a pool party when her significant other was thrown into the pool with all his belongings, phone included.

She then decided to allow him to use her phone to conduct his business since his had died as a result of the plunge only to discover a string of text messages between him and another woman.

She adds that at the time she was not looking for a serious relationship but was instead looking to create a sustainable future for herself.