A teacher who has been jailed for twenty years for defiling a 15-year-old girl confessed to the court and said what the girl did to him until he accepted the advances.


Nation.Africa reveals that Cedrick Wawire Egesa was accused of defiling the student at Topline High School inside the school’s laboratory.

The accused admitted to the court that he engaged in a relationship with her since last year. He admitted to have defiled her twice this year on March 16 and 19th. But the 30-year-old teacher confessed that the girl made advances to him severally until he accepted.


He said that the student sent him several love letters until he accepted. He however pleaded for leniency saying that he has a wife and four year-old daughter who depend on him. But the prosecution said the illicit affair happened since last year, and happened twice in 2023.

The victim’s mother suspected something was wrong when she came home late. The mother told her to take her where she was coming from but she refused.


She was taken to the principal and that is where she confessed about the relationship with the teacher. Egesa upon being called accepted defiling the girl. He was later arrested by the area chief and taken to the police station.

Egesa was charged by Makadara Law Court Principal Magistrate Hellen Okwani and sentenced to twenty years after pleading guilty to charges of defilement. He was also to be charged of being in a relationship with a minor but it was dropped when he accepted the first mistake. This is a lesson to all teachers, avoid any illicit affairs with your students.