The prosecution team handling the case of Ian Ngige Njoroge, the 19-year-old motorist who went viral after roughing up a traffic police officer in Mirema on Sunday, has filed an affidavit opposing his release on bail.

In the affidavit signed by DCI Investigating Officer Josephat Rotich, the prosecution, among other things, cited the imminent threat to Njoroge’s safety owing to the intense public outcry that ensued following the incident.

“That due to the publicity of the matter, the situation on the ground is hostile towards the accused person. There is imminent danger to the accused person due to public agitation,” Rotich said in the affidavit.

Four reasons why prosecution wants Ian Njoroge denied bail in police assault case

The prosecution further highlighted the potential for Njoroge to tamper with witnesses if he were to be released.

“There is a likelihood of the accused person to interfere with major witnesses. Some of whom were captured through social media and are physically well known to the accused,” the prosecution argued.

Additionally, Rotich underscored that Njoroge never turned himself in after assaulting the police officer, indicating that he poses a flight risk.

“After the incident the accused person didn’t report to the station but he instead went into hiding until he was sought by officers and arrested from his hiding place. Therefore he is a flight risk,” the DCI investigating officer said.

Rotich added that the police officer attacked by Njoroge also wants to testify before the suspect is granted bail.

“The complainant who is 57 years old feels victimized on social media and requests to testify before the accused is released. I am aware that bail and bond are constitutional right but the same can be denied if there are compelling reasons,” he said.

“I have been informed by the counsel handling the information which I believe is true that the reasons given are compelling enough so as to deny the respondent person bond.”