Renowned Benga Kikuyu Musician, Samidoh, has fired back at a fan who suggested that he was the problem in his marriage. Samidoh who is known for his fire backs on social media is married to Edday, a business lady who well grounded to be distracted by naysayers.

Together the two have sired three children but unfortunately some weeks ago they parted ways after Samidoh introduced Karen Nyamu as his second wife. Eddy said she was not ready to raise her children in a polygamous family especially with another woman who is older than her and who doesn’t respect her.

From then Eddy has been posting regularly on her social media pages which is making her page more active. Some hours ago Samidoh posted on Facebook where one of her followers commented on the post talking about Eddy Nderitu which Samidoh responded.

According to the fan she asked Samidoh if he is seeing how Eddy has turned beautiful since they parted ways concluding that Samidoh was the problem in the marriage. Samidoh fired back asking if he is also the problem in the fans life since she also doesn’t look good.