Kenyans have taken to social media to epressi their anger towards Kikuyu Musician Dj Fatxo after he dropped a song mourning Jeff Mwathi.

According to Muthiora, Fatxo has dropped a song mourning Jeff Mwathi murder hours after the DCI revealed that he eas murdered in cold blood.

According to detectives, Jeff was murdered inside Fatxo’s House before his rogue killers dropped his body to the ground.

Fatxo and his allies are supposed to answer some questions this week as Kenyans across the country now call their arrest.

Here are some of the reaction Reactions
Agnes… The audacity,ngui ino

But don’t worry soon you’ll join kamiti prisons kwaya.

Jeff.. Seeking sympathy..this will be your last song the rest utatungia jera wewe

Jimmy… Whoever Edited That Clip Ni Mshenzi Sana. That Song Ni ya Kitambo And It Was About The Grandmother Ya DJ Alipass.

Mwas… He did not sleep he was killed what kind of fuckery is this ??mbona anatafuta sympathy????Na mbona hajashikwa ???


However several social media users pointed out that the song was a tribute to his grandma and that it was just edited by Mururi TV