• Blogger Robert Alai was arrested and detained at the Kilimani Police Station on allegations of beating artist Ringtone Apoko with a wooden club.

Reports have it that the two accused each other of obstruction in a scuffle that began on Loitoktok Road and spread to Dennis Pritt and Likoni Roads.

Following this encounter with blogger Robert Alai, he is in court currently.

Ringtone sued Alai and the hearing date was set after receiving an immediate treatment in hospital.

Apoko has hired a fully equipped ambulance and a full staff of nurses and doctors. They have escorted him to the court in Kibera where the hearing is set to be done.

  • Kenyans have taken to their social media to discuss the act. Some have trolled and said he is a clout chaser while others have rained praised on him. Below are some of the screenshots: