Bottom up economy narrative has confused many people in the Country, With leaders like Mudavadi stating that it’s impossible

Some politicians allied to the Deputy President have tried to explain what this economy means but the explanation has not satisfied many.

The narrative initiated by the Deputy President William Ruto is focusing on empowering low income Citizens in Kenya.

There has been several diffinations of bottom-up economy which has created more confusion. This has made DP Ruto to come out and elaborated on what bottom-up economy. He has cleared the confusion that has been their in the Country.

“It is the economy. Trickle down failed for aiding patronage and cronyism, breeding cartels and monopolies that benefits few. Bottom up is anchored on deliberately promoting investments and financial instruments targeting the millions who are unemployed,hustler enterprises/farmer groups”- DP Ruto he tweeted

Some Kenyans have expressed their feelings, here’s some of the reactions: