Veteran reggae DJ Kriss Darlin, real name Christone Odhiambo, has come under fire from Kenyans after making insensitive jibes as people mourn media personality Jahmby Koikai. 

After the announcement of Jahmby Koikai’s death, Kriss, a renowned reggae spinmaster, who also had the opportunity to interact and work with the late reggae pioneer, took to his Instagram page to lampoon Koikai’s fans, appearing to accuse them of pretentiousness as far as mourning the departed MC was concerned.

According to Odhiambo, Kenyans were quick to share photos of Jahmby Koikai in an apparent tribute to her but they couldn’t show up in solidarity when she was still alive and needed them the most.

Reggae DJ Kriss Darlin angers fans after unpleasant jibe at Jahmby Koikai's mourners

He wrote: “It’s now time to post pics with the departed but when she asked and needed blood donations and help nobody posted pics.”

His comments immediately set off a large population of Kenyans online. Many accused him of speaking out of turn and recklessly misrepresenting facts.

While some even pointed an accusing finger at him, alluding to his dealings with Koikai, others, especially in his reggae field, flatly called him out and told him to steer clear of the topic.

Celebrities like Njugush and DJ Shiti and others chimed in, accusing the DJ of seeking attention through Koikai’s demise.

DJ Shiti wrote: “Swali ni yeye alipost? Let’s not use our sister’s demise to seek attention. People contributed in different ways Bro. Hata wewe ulipigia Raila magoti na hatukuongea…”

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Njugush wrote: “No, he should be the last to speak. The things he put her through bana. SMH.”

On his part, renowned reggae personality DJ Moh Spice wrote, “Such an irresponsible post! People help others in different ways. Just because it’s not posted online doesn’t mean it’s not happening! Tenda wema nenda zako! SMH!”

More and more people continued to join in the conversation, with many utterly dismayed by Darlin’s tone-deaf choice of tribute.

Popular disc jockey DJ Xclusive said, “Sijawai ona (such a) high level of ignorance and not reading the room kama hii!”

Darlin’s fellow reggae DJ Double Trouble also had his own take, saying; “We did our part and told people to go and assist her and they did but Jah knows…”

On her part, Koikai fan Ivy Marenya wrote, “Okay I’m really sick of it already! Who said she died because she didn’t get blood donations? Who said nobody showed up? Do you really think people are that mean with their blood? Mourn the dead but don’t make other people feel like s**t while you’re at it!”

Jahmby Koikai, alias Fyah Mummah, died on Tuesday morning after a long battle with endometriosis.