Linda Nyangweso who worked with Kiss Radio has admitted that she is a bisexual. Linda says despite being married to a man she still finds herself romantically attracted to the female gender.

According to definition, a bisexual person is someone who is romantically and/or sexually attracted to both men and women. This means that they are capable of experiencing attraction to people of both genders, and may be interested in pursuing relationships or sexual encounters with individuals of either gender.


On this account, the media personality has defended the rights of those people who have unique traits when it comes to sexuallity. This subject comes as the country is facing different opinions and reactions towards the issue of sexuallity and especially the LGBTQ. She has encouraged the people to respect the rights of everyone and not segregate any person on the basis of sexuallity or sexual disorders.



Linda Nyangweso: As a bisexual woman I’ve never really had to “come out” because I’m married to a man but this isn’t the time to mince words. LGBTQIA rights are human rights. I’ll say that again. LGBTQIA rights are human rights. No ifs and or buts.

Kenyans reacted differently as you can see below.