According to Jalango while speaking to Lynn Ngugi in an interview he said the boys club exposee was taken out of context as they were talking about a different things the screen shots shared was from a different conversation.

Jalong’o said what Edgar did actually bring him so down considering that he was starting the Jalango studio on YouTube.

Sponsors actually pulled away from him and it was so bad, he couldn’t look people in the eye gor some days but he kept his head high and solder on.

His wife actually understood him because they dont hide anything from each other, she even knows his phone pattern, so the Exposee never affected their relationship.

However he and his boys are very close and nothing can ever break their bond, they still meet and invest together.

Jalsngo says that he has nothing against Edgar and he even wished him a happy birthday

On the recent post shared by Edgar Obare he said he saw the interview and everything he was saying was all PR and a lie, as he continues to clear his name slowly.

According to Edgar, what Jalong’o said was a lie since he was just following the script, here are the screenshots

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