Second Lady Dorcas Rigathi’s boy child program seeking the rehabilitation of those lost in alcohol, drugs, and substance abuse continues to garner support from both the public and private sectors from different parts of the country.

On Wednesday, the program received the latest support from the County Government of Embu, a commitment made by Governor Cecily Mbarire during the free medical camp for screening those in addictions at the Embu Moi Stadium.

“Ksh.3 million of Embu County supplementary budget will go towards operationalizing the rehabilitation center so that those from this medical camp who are ready to start rehabilitation can do so with immediate effect, and once rehabilitated, they can go for skilling at a TVET,” said Governor Mbarire.

Governor Mbarire said the youth should stop leading a life of ‘kutoa lock’ all the time. She also appreciated having seen first-hand how the screening for de-addiction was carried out.

Mbarire appreciated the programs of the boy child being brought to Embu County, saying the rehabilitation and training programs would transform the lives of the youth.

Last year, the boy-child programs also received a Ksh.3 million cheque from the Kenya Pipeline Company Foundation.

In addition, different county governments have committed to implementing the boy child programs in their areas. Already, the programs have taken off in Mombasa, Bomet, Nyeri, Nairobi, and Kiambu counties.

Machakos Governor Wavinya Ndeti committed to establishing a rehabilitation center for supporting the boy child programs.

Also, 18 county first ladies held a meeting with Pastor Dorcas to discuss the implementation of the programs for the vulnerable in their counties.