Bill Nas the self made African Princess, have been the talk of the town in Tanzania after their love was blooming up and all of a sudden was thrown under the carpet.

There have been so many theories surrounding Bill Nas and Nandy. It was not yet known what had happened to the most looked upon couples in Tanzania.

In an interview with LilOmmyTV, Bill Nas has emotionally revealed what transpired between him and the love of his life.

The Tanzanian rapper has revealed that even though dating and being in a relationship is a good idea, he has once and believes in enjoying some privacy as an individual. ‘there reaches a point in life when I am unable to do personal things. I am even unable to stand in for certain things and would wish to have assistance from other people’, said Bill Nas.

Bill Nas describes himself as a humble person. This is a virtue that landed him in trouble in all spheres of life. He has revealed how and what has transpired from his humbleness.

Even though Bill Nas did not welcome the idea of talking about Nandy, he acknowledged that Nandy cheated and then blocked him. By that act, he was obliged to unfollow her. Nandy was the first one to unfollow him before blocking. He did not find any reason to follow her back since he did not know the reason or what transpired for her to block him without any solid reason.