The deputy president, William Ruto, was hosted on a political show at Inooro, today morning.

Ruto was hosted to elaborate on the bottom up economic model which he intends to use once elected to be the next president.

However, at the middle of the show, the second in command lost his cool and blasted the interviewer after she asked who will be his running mate in the 2022 election.

. Nyokabi, the host, was seeking to know if William Ruto will pick his running mate from the Mt Kenya region.

“According to our constitution, you must be having a running mate when vying for presidency. So, who will you pick as your deputy in the coming elections?” Asked Nyokabi.

This question seem to hit the deputy president and he went on to blast the journalist telling her that she was tiring him.

“Wewe unanisumbua Sasa. Why are you asking me hard questions? You want to know my running mate while my competitors haven’t even disclosed who will be the candidate for the presidency. Anyway, I’m yet to disclose who will be my running mate. I know we shall speak with the people of Mt Kenya region and we shall agree,” answered Ruto.