Well Renowned preacher Robert Burale has been trending after the Churchill show yesterday.

Who is Robert?
Robert Burale went to Bungoma High School and later went to the United Kingdom for his university studies, De Mont Forte University, he was initially married to a beautiful wife called Rozinah Mwakideu but the two divorced for unknown reasons to the public, the two were blessed with a beautiful daughter called Lexie.

His ex-wife is a gospel singer and a songwriter,

However, Robert has left tongues wagging after revealing not being in the act for the past 8 years. He said,

‘I haven’t had any bodily contact with a woman since August 18 2013. Mine is like a presidential term. It is not easy but kwa neema ya Mungu. When I remarry, I’ll revenge everywhere in every way in the boardroom and bedroom. There are some things you have to enjoy in life. In heaven, we’ll just be worshipping with the 24 elders.”

What people can’t believe is that he once ate toothpaste for dinner and attempted suicide thrice

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