Former Tahidi High actor Joseph Kinuthia better known as Omosh Kizangila is trending again after a video of him drunk as a skunk enjoying life at a local bar emerged.

Omosh has been the talk of the town after he went viral asking Kenyans to help since he was living a hard life.

Kenyans vowed to help and he was helped to build a house and also he was introduced back to the comedy industry where he has been seen acting with different top comedians in kenyans.

Last week Omosh revealed that he doesn’t live with his first wife Judy, better known to us as Mrs Ngatia, in the house that he was gifted by well-wishers after he opened up about his financial predicaments.

He says that he made the decision to live with his second wife since she has younger children.

Omosh stated that With time, he will build a house for Mrs Ngatia at his rural home in Karura.

Mrs Ngatia on the other hand confessed that Omosh’s money never helped her at all.

She has many debts and currently lives in a small bedsitter in Kayole with her three children.

She currently has rent arreas of two months totalling to 10,000 Kenyan shillings.

Omosh is seen in a club having fun , Kenyan have reacted towards the act where Omosh is drunk to the fullest even after promising his fans he will never drink alcohol again.

Does this man has a brain? How can he be drinking while his wife hasn’t paid her rent? This one too deserves a big slap

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