Larry Madowo has left Kenyans talking after a video of him dancing swiftly with a lady was shared by Blogger Edgar Obare

Larry who is a Kenyan journalist has been international for the longest time. He worked with BBC and now he is working with CNN Africa.

Larry Madowo has created a name for himself all over the world and everything he does is scrutinized by everyone around the globe like any other celebrity.

Yesterday the journalist went out to enjoy himself and forgot about the cameras. In one of the videos, Larry is seen dancing with a lady.

This video has been shared on Instagram with Edgar Obare and it has caused mixed reactions among his followers and fans Wondering what he was doing.

First of all whoever recorded is childish and needs a slap on the face by hulk.
C’mon he’s human and needs some fun, so fans should cut him some slack.

Do you think they should cut him the slack as he need to enjoy his life outside of the screens or he should check what he does when out in the public? Chat with me on the comment section below and please turn on your notification bell for more news

Heres the link to the video