Kikuyu top musician Samuel Muchoki a.k.a Samidoh has spoken days after his baby momma and aspiring politician Karen Nyamuv went live to accuse him of beating Her up.

Samidoh has been the talk of the town after he had a fight with Karen nyamu whom claimed that samidoh beat her up while she’s pregnant and also broke her phone after a small disagreement.

Samidoh was interviewed and he said that fighting with Karen nyamu is just part of life.

This statements have left Kenyans wondering how can a beating up your baby momma who is also pregnant for you is part of life .

The two who were lovers before they ‘broke up’ had a nice time together , Samidoh has a wife whom he went to plead for forgiveness after the issue between him and Karen nyamu came out to public .

” Iyo si vita it is part of life” these are words that came out of samidoh’s mouth after beating his politician baby mama.

The audacity! Nishikilieni before I rain some insults lol. Here’s some of the reaction.

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