Kiss FM media personality Felix Odiwour famously known as Jalang’o has to resign after the media council of Kenya made a move to regulate the conduct of journalists in the country.

Jalang’o who has been influential in the media industry as radio presenter and on his channel bonga na jalas on YouTube has been always been on top ranks and currently he is among the most followed Kenyans on all social media platforms.

As a result of his fame, Jalang’o recently joined ODM and stated that in 2022 he will be vying for a political seat as a member of Parliament for Langata Constituency.

In aim to assure his radio fans that he will still be around, Jalang’o revealed that he won’t quit his Kiss FM morning because before and after his elections he will be multitasking between his Parliamentarian role and radio task.

However, his dreams to work in both has been shut down after the Media Council of Kenya announced that Journalists eyeing political seats should consider resigning six months before the elections just like other civil servants.

“We are asking journalists intending to vie for political seats to vacate their positions and focus on campaigns just like others,” MCK chair David Omwoyo stated.

Anyway do you think Jalong’o will make a difference in Langata like he has done in Bonga na Jalas?

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