As we all know Akothee’s level of co-parenting is not for the faint-hearted at all. The mother of five has five kids and different baby daddys.

Well, Akothee’s baby daddy, popularly known as baba oyoo was previously living with akothee’s daughter(not his biological child) and currently lives with akothee’s son,(not his biological son) who she had with her Switzerland ex.

Right now, akothee is having a relationship with Nellyoaks, who is her previous manager and according to Akothee, kids really love him.

Nellyoaks had left akothee’s place some time back and the kids were seen crying as they bid him goodbye.

Now he is back to Akothee’s home and at the same time akothee’s baby daddy, baba oyoo is at the same place. Kinda thought the two would get to it but nooo, to fans amusement, akothee has just shared a video her family, together with her current bae, her baby daddy and the children in one table have a dinner together and he captioned “complete family”.

Fans have just been left astonished, wondering how Akothee does to this men.

Others are just asking how this two men, Nellyoaks and baba oyoo, could share the same table without fights. Here are some of the reactions from fans in the comment section: