For the past few weeks, Kenyan musicians Nadia Mukami and Arrow Bwoy have claimed to be in a relationship.

The two have been in Zanzibar for a holiday.

In an Instagram live, the two exclusively revealed they have been together for a while.

Netizens did not buy  whatever they were selling and that as they knew what to expect… which is; nothing less than a song.

The two already have another song together, ‘redio love’ and claim that they were together when they released the song.

The self-proclaimed African pop-star took to her Instagram to post a teaser for their new song.

“Najua mna tamani kuskia ni kiki but no…I poured my heart in this brand new song,” her caption read.

Wouldn’t expect anything less, the song must be fire. The singer truly gave it her all.

Their songs have been known to be hit songs and the clout chasing that came with the release of this music was unnecessary.

Maybe it was necessary for the artists when one thinks of it in terms of the pressure to deliver, this being a collaboration from two huge artists.

Nadia stated a while back, when Edgar exposed Arrowboy as a married man, that she might take advantage of this publicity to release a song, well here it is

Anyway I expect nothing else from EA artists, except clout chasing

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