On March in the year of 2003,Kenya lost one of her biggest stars, Isah Mmari Wangui alias E-sir, tragically succumbing in a road accident.

At the time when his music was at a highest level,he passed away in a road accident after performing in Nakuru concert at Afraha stadium.

At the time,he was travelling in the company of his best friend Nameless who escaped from the tragic accident after the car they were in swerved off the road and rolled several times.

Remembering the accident few years ago, Nameless said that he noticed that E-sir did not put on his seatbelt when the accident occurred.

Nameless said that his brother broke to him a news that E-sir did not make it and passed away while he was under medications. He opted to find E-sir who had been taken to different hospitals because he couldn’t believe what he was told.

Nameless reveals that moving on was hard for him after E-sir’s death since they always performedin all shows together.

However,18 years on, rumours have surfaced that Nameless sacrificed his friend to illuminati so that his career could soar to the stars, rumours that Nameless has confessed that it hurts him whenever he hears about them.

“These rumours still hurts me whenever I hear them up to date. Many do not know the relationship we had with E-sir. We were a family. It was nerve wracking,to say the least.” Nameless said