Massawe Japan is one of major celebrity in Kenya and her career is radio presenter where she works at radio jambo.

She is the main host of bustan la Massawe show which starts midmorning upto late afternoon and her co-host is Tina. She is a happily married and a mother of three daughters.The award-winning Kiswahili radio presenter, who possesses a heavy and authoritative voice, continues to attract fans.

The radio queen is married to fellow radio personality Tom Japanni.

Of late we have seen the lady boss celebrating her birthday in a style but yesterday Massawe who likes to spill beans on her social media platform, she posted a post showing her co-host and her in the studio. The post raised so many questions on both presenters dress code.

Many fans criticize the two presenter for the short dresses they had worn. Yesterday was a throw back Thursday and I think the presenter were trying to bring memories back on how people used to wear oversized shirts in back days. The fan could bear this hence they had to react negatively to the post, here are some of their comments.