Tanzanian bongo artist Naseeb Abdul Juma popularly known as Diamond Platinumz, has lately been the the talk on the media platforms concerning his two children. The two kids Tiffah and Daylan Dangote, who he is co-parenting with Ugandan Socialite cum business lady, Zarina Hassan we’re celebrating their birthday.

The father of four who calls himself was harshly addressed for not being equal towards the birthdays of his children.

First, he penned down a heart warming message to his daughter through his instagram page and later on, a video was spreading showing him making promises to Tiffah about her upcoming lavish birthday party in Tanzania, which will be held after the one in South Africa.

Well, after all this, Platinumz did not do anything to show public display of love to Hamissa Mobetto’s Some Dylan, who was also having a birthday.

This made many people to question his parenting since both Tiffah and Daylan deserve the best from the star.

Surprisingly, Hamisa Mobetto’s wasn’t dramatic and said, its not a must her son to be posted by the star since as a mother, she will always do her best to make sure Daylan is happy with or without the media.

Seems like the star was touched by what people have been spreading about him and Daylan’s relationship after what he did towards his son later on.

This morning, he posted a picture of Dylan and qouted ” young lion was born today”

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