Azziad Nasenya, famously known as the Kenyan tiktok queen posted a picture on instagram today where she had a pink wig.

The look was great on her and some of her fans applauded her while others criticized her for going for pink hair.

A comment that sparked reactions from Netizens was one which a fan commented that Azziad is the Kenyan Kylie Jenner since Kylie also had pink hair at some point. Azziad just laughed at the comment.

Some concluded that he’s just a copy cat while others settled to it’s just make up.

Here are more of the reactions:

@clan.__ Mbona wanamchocha😅😅😅😅 na huyo ngoko bila makeup anakaa like ooohh goshh.

@mombasa.icon._ na mnachochana huku😂😂.

@starkid_musiq_ke 😂😂😂😂😂mmezidi sasa😂😂hawa wetu ni makeup bana otherwise wanakaa ninja😂.


@gucckaa._ Muache kuchocha huyo morio😂😂.


@_sassy_divah Nywele tu mambo ingine wacheni😂😂😂.

@t_raww_claude Io ya nani sio wig🙄.

@slymm.gram_ wapi…hana pesa😂.


@mari_its_me Shindwe pepo mbaya🙄🙄🚶😂😂wapi joh.

@chief _marinator Kwanini mnapeana false hopes 😂😂😂.

@the_beast _mode_ clothing Muache uongo😂😂😂😂.

@alim_rimmi_ Juu ya punk heya tu👀

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