Tanzanian singer Zuchu has been the topic of discussion since she declined billion dollar deal with liquor company.

Allegations has it that it’s her religion that got her to make such a decision. Zuchu came into limelight a year ago and has been one of the most admired female musicians across East Africa.

Since she got signed by WCB Wasafi music record label,the singer has shown the world that talent can take you places. From her voice to her songs lyrics,she always have her fans on toes.
From one hit song to another, Zuchu has won various awards including best female musician in East Africa. She also broke the record and got over one million subscribers on YouTube in a span of few months.


She released a song recently titled ‘nyumba ndogo’ which talked about polygamous families and how women fight each other when married to the same man.

As her fans are waiting for another song,she has promised to release a bang which will impress them. In her Instagram account she claimed that her new song will be a hit which will make her need bodyguards.

“Goma lanoenda kuachia. Naomba Kuongezewa Ulinzi Aki vile linaeza kuhatarisha Maisha yangu,” she wrote.

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