The leader of Azimio La Umoja, Raila Odinga, may now reveal the start of his mass action plans after promising to make a huge announcement after Wednesday



The former prime minister sent a list of demands to president Ruto that had a two-week deadline. That deadline is today and Ruto has not shown any indication that he will comply with Raila’s requests.



As a result, Raila issued a command to his supporters, telling them to be ready for a key declaration in which he is expected to confirm or deny if the mass action plan is in effect.


‘Hold your horses, the deadline is tomorrow (Wednesday). You will hear from us,” he vowed after yesterday’s visit to senators in his alliance at the Parliament Buildings.


,As the star reports, National Assembly Minority Leader Opiyo Wandayi said that they can continue to do what they desire to do. As far as we are concerned, our position has not changed. We don’t recognize that process, and we are not a party to it

The opposition is demanding that political parties be included in the process of choosing the new team, and Saboti Member of Parliament Caleb Amisi stated that they will only participate if they are involved.


In addition to suggesting that elections be left in the hands of county administrations, Raila, who asserts that four elections have been rigged, recently expressed his skepticism regarding the possibility of ever having free and fair elections in Kenya.



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