On Tuesday 7th March 2023, Thee Pluto shared a screenshot to show how much he made on youtube for the last 365 days.


On the screenshot we, rocky’s trendy news, couldn’t verify if the said revenue is from his youtube account but we confirm that it is shared in response to allegations that “anything i promote is scam” says Thee Pluto.

Thee Pluto captions the following on his post:

“it’s not my wish to share a screenshot of my youtube earnings today having it in mind that Im also a business man and i do a lot of things. Few months i’ve been branded a scammer people questioning my wealth. I lost almost all brand endorsements because of a simple lie. I thank God I invested” Says Thee Pluto



A screenshot from Thee Pluto’s instagram stories taken on 7/3/2023

He proceeds to say “A crew of guys out there are there ready to brand anything i promote as scam. But guys ata uwe na akili ndogo aje ukipata hizi amounts huwezi invest poa na ubuy tuproperties? I shared this because my time on socials is almost coming to an end lets enjoy the few months left. kamati ya roho chafu I’ve proven you wrong! Tha wasn’t my intetion though”

Whats you take on Thee pluto sharing this information?