Senator Anwar Loitiptip philandering ways has been exposed by his former side chick who ruined his come-we-stay marriage to Saumu Mbuvi.

The senator, who has just been accused of abuse and violence just yesterday is still trending for the wrong reasons.

On February , Saumu announced her breakup with Loitiptip during an interactive Questions and Answers (Q&A) session with her fans on Instagram.

Saumu and Loitiptip dated for two years and they were blessed with their first child together on March 8th 2020.

The mother of two cited domestic violence as the main reason why she parted ways with the politician baby daddy. She shared a photo showing her swollen face to prove to her fans Loitiptip was abusive.

Saumu also said Loitiptip cheated on her multiple times in the course of their troubled cohabitation.

The woman who was fooling around with the Lamu Senator while he was still cohabiting with Saumu has since come out to spill the beans on their illicit affair.

The woman opened up on how she was sleeping with Loitiptip while confessing her sins to tea master Edgar Obare.

The lady, who chose to remain anonymous, told Obare that her illicit affair with Saumu’s baby daddy was very symbiotic – he gave her money and she made her ‘feel good’.

The woman claimed that Loitiptip’s baby mama wasn’t making him ‘feel good’ and as such he ran to her for a shoulder to lean on.

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