Natalie Florence Kutoto better known to her fans as Noti Flow is a Kenyan musical artist who mainly majors in raping. She is also a performing Artist and has been featured in the controversial Nairobi Diaries that was aired on K24.

Through her Instagram page on the stories section, she indulged her fans in a Q&A session where she gave her fans on the platform to ask anything they want to the artist.

Most of her fans were curious to know what had happened to her new boo, King Alami. Noti Flow revealed what happened to them stating that she got violent after an argument and the fight got physical quick.

Due to her high temper, Noti Flow decided to leave the relationship because her girlfriend almost killed her and stating she’s a psycho

Moreover, since when they were dating her girlfriend King Alami got a tattoo of Noti Flow’s name, everyone wondered what she would do with it. Noti was glad to reveal that it is up to her to know what to do with it now that they are not together.

So those of y’all stating that men are trash and running off to girls, lol, there’s no difference.

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