It’s Saturday hurray! A day for toxic men to hide behind ‘masculinity Saturday’ lol anyway let’s get to it

Former kiss100 radio presenter Andrew Kibe, has decided to use Diana Marua and Bahati’s marriage, as an example of relationships that were allegedly set to doom the next generation of Kenyan men.

According to the outspoken radio presenter, some celebrities were using their Social Media platforms, to parade their wives, instead of making content which their fans wanted to see.

Kibe, added that this sought of behaviour, would confuse the next generation since, it would be difficult to comprehend who exactly was the man or woman in the relationship.

Hence, Kibe, took on a number of male celebrities who were apparently allowing their wives to boss them around.

Bahati and wife

In Bahati and Diana’s case, Kibe blasted the ‘wanani’ hit maker, for allowing his wife to seemingly take charge of everything in their marriage.

However, according to Kibe, Diana was slowly going to loose interest in her husband since he could not be the masculine figurehead of his family.

According to Kibe, every time the couple went out, Diana would always admire the masculinity in other men because of the lack of it, from her husband.

“Take Bahati and his wife for Instance, this guy has some lambastic behaviors.” “He has to do what his wife wants.” “Man, what are you teaching your children or the future generations?” Kibe said.

Need I not say that Bahati and Diana are not married? Is he still a gospel musician? Anyway don’t forget to like, follow and xomment. Tia