“Stop showing your husbands and boyfriends my videos, I see them in my DMs and I can’t resist good things,” Kinuthia shared.

He added;

“Truth be told, I can’t refuse.” 

Such statements have left netizens curious to know Kinuthia’s sexuality. 

I have not said anything about my sexuality and so, people should stop assuming about my sexuality. I have never told anyone about it and so, until I say, leave it that way,” he said in a past interview

However, the TikToker maintains that his sexuality will remain a personal issue until he is ready to share the information.

“I would say, the stage I am in right now what people think they should just go ahead. It’s their choice and I can’t be in a position to control what they think.

Tik Tok crossdresser, Kelvin Kinuthia, has mastered the art of dressing like a pretty lady.

Kinuthia does his hair and nails well and when in a good mood, puts on makeup that is on fleek.

These looks have made his fellow men go gaga over him. Now, Kinuthia has warned ladies to tame their men, who are camping in his DM.