Nairobi based lawyer, and aspiring politician Karen Nyamu had come out to protest over blogger Edgar Obare’s latest exposé insinuating benga Kikuyu musician Samuel Muchoki alias Samidoh is a deadbeat father to his son.

The issue started after Edgar Obare shared on his Instagram stories a picture of Karen in a cap then went ahead to insinuate that it belongs to the artist.

According to Edgar’s expose, Samidoh and Karen Nyamu are still seeing each other despite their ugly social media fight few months ago.

One of Edgar’s students argued that when Samidoh traveled to open his club in Nakuru, it was Karen who accompanied him, and not his wife.

Itwas these series of Instagram stories that apparently provoked Karen Nyamu. Having shared a video of herself singing Samidoh’s song, Karen wondered if it was wrong for her to sing her baby daddy’s songs just like any other person.


She asked her fans why some of them were thinking that Samidoh had abandoned his son. Here’s the post.