Popular Socialite Vera Sidika, has praised her husband Brown Mauzo on multiple occasions, from being a good husband, as well as a good father to his kids, from a past relationship. The two have been Serving us with couple goals on social media.

However, as it has been writen Brown Mauzo’s daughter Instagram stories, Vera’s claims about her relationship with the artist, are reportedly untrue.

Lareesa Mauzo Mauzo’s However, being underaged, her mother would be responsible for running the account.

According to the information on her Instagram stories, Brown Mauzo was allegedly the type of father who showed up only once a year only to disappear.

Furthermore, it was revealed that Vera’s claims about her marriage to Brown Mauzo were reportedly untrue.

The Socialite has disclosed on multiple occasions about how it would be impossible for her to become someone’s second wife.


However, according to the Instagram stories, the marriage between Brown Mauzo and his first wife who is Lareesa’s mother is yet to be officially annulled. Hence, the two are still legally married.

The Socialite on the other hand has revealed in the past that Brown Mauzo and herself were legally married but a church wedding ceremony was yet to take place
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