City lawyer Wahome Thuku has revealed some sensitive information in regards to Jeff’s murder case. The lawyer, who has been at the front line in investigating the case has said that there is a possibility that the CCTV footage was manipulated to exclude some two suspects from the case.

These are the driver and the DJ’s cousin. Thuku has said that some footage in the CCTV video don’t add up and it is possible that CCTV was manipulated and this may lead to them being freed. This has brought yet another confusion in the case which was already complicated.

“The reason why I asked if a CCTV time stamp can be manipulated is because in the Jeff death case, the CCTV completely exonerate the two other boys – cousin and driver – from any culpability. Completely. So I want to believe the CCTV was manipulated. If it was not, then the DCI headquarters will NOT arrest them. Because the file will not be cleared by the DPP. If we want them arrested then released without being taken to court, then the DCI will do exactly that.” Wahome Thuku said.

Several people including DJ Fatxo have been put under the radar for the death of the Young Jeff and investigations are on. Follow the page as we’ll continue to update you on this and other stories.