Former prime minister Raila Odinga has threatened to Sue the current president of Kenya Dr, William Ruto over alleging that he was involved in the 1982 coup.

Raila is still working to make sure that his demonstration goes on as planned and due to that he is still going on with people’s baraza and today he is in Nakuru county.

At Nakuru today,Raila Odinga said he is going to sue Ruto for tarnishing his name claiming that he (Raila) organized a coup in 1982 stating that is defamation and that he is within his rights to sue him (Ruto)

President William Ruto had earlier stated that Raila was using black mail the same way he is used to and even dragged the 1982 coup in the matter.

Raila defended himself on the coup matter explaining that after he was detained, the government didn’t have enough evidence to prosecute him and he was released.

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