Office of DP Ruto has issued a statement after government Withdrew GSU Officers protecting his residences both at Karen and Sugoi. Communication director has revealed that the second in command was briefed but new changes that Was effected From 2pm.

The officer informed him that there was instructions to remove Presidential escort from Karen. However, there was no explanation on the move

They’ve officially written to inspector general of Police seeking an explanation of what happened. Kenyans Have been surprised but level of deterioration of the bromance between Uhuru and his Friend.

They had cordial relationship and understanding in first term to extend of matching ties and wearing look alike outfits.

Things started to change When The Head of state entered Into political Truce with ODM leader Raila Odinga. Ruto on other Hand, has continued to poke holes on projects undertaken by Jubilee Adminstration.

His Boss has even dared him to Step aside but it’s Seems like it won’t happen soon. Pundits argues that Alleged Humiliation by state Wil propel DP to state House due to sympathy votes and his strong support of hustler Nation