Kenyan socialite Faith Makau popularly known as Amber Ray have caused controversy online after she decided to send a cryptic message to her co wife Amira.

As seen on Amber’s recent post on her Instagram platform, the mother of one posted her picture and in the caption section, she wrote something, targeting his Co wife Amira. Amber claimed that no matter what Amira tried to do for her to break up with Jimal, they still did not break up.

On a post where Amber Ray shared a picture of herself in a beach holding a glass of wine, the mother of one stated that,

“The best revenge is to show your enemies that they did not stop you from doing what you love doing.”

On a cryptic message to Amira, the socialite stated that she should note that no matter what she does, she will still date Jimal.


The socialite went on and told her co wife that she will continue to see her doing what she loves and what makes her happy. The business woman was seen in Bamburi beach hotel having the time of her life: Trying to prove to the public that she is happy.

Here’s how fans have reacted