Clout has become like a disease. It has infested the youth and the youngsters in our industry. Someone jokingly said that clout is like cocaine. Once you’ve had a taste of it, you’ll keep coming back for more, well if there’s something that my friends and I agree, is that Amira is chasing clout.

Anyway the two co wivies,Amber Ray and Amira are still giving us drama, and I must say, the man isn’t strong enough to keep his Nyumba ‘Ndogo’ and ‘kubwa’ in their places. In the last three months, they have been on a variety of headlines uncountable times. We don’t even know what to believe and what not to believe. One moment we hear of a breakup, the next we hear the culprits are getting cozy in a restaurant.

Amira has come out again infuriated. Amira had gone to celebrate her birthday party in Dubai. In the UAE’s capital, she went on to throw a lavish birthday party on a yacht signifying her turning a year older.
Rumours have it that she bought herself a car.

While Amira was celebrating, Jimal and Amber were getting their own share of fan in Bamburi Hotel. This was only a few weeks after the two( Jimal and Amber) had broken off their ‘entanglement’.

Amber Ray

Amira’s displeasure ignited when she noticed that Jamil had gifted Amber her Bluetooth radio. The radio is estimated to be worth a staggering Kshs 25k. She went on to complain that some people (Amber Ray) can’t earn for what they need. She went on to blast Jimal commanding him to buy her a new Harman/ Kardo.

Anyway, unless the man steps up to give each woman her rigjtful place, we’ll continue having drama and here at Rocky’s trendy News we’ll be on top of this and any other gossip, so turn on that notification bell for more updates