Gospel musician Jimmy Gait has sparked anger among Kenyans online after an insensitive comment regarding Kenyans killed in Saudi Arabia and other Middle East nations.

While appearing on K24, the Gospel artiste suggested that women workers killed in the Middle East nations were to blame, saying that they indulge in illicit affairs with their employers.

There are so many Kenyan men working in the Middle East in Saudi, Qatar, Dubai the reason you don’t hear about men being mistreated is because they do not go sleeping with their bosses wives.”

He added, “The main reason you see some people get mistreated in the Middle East is because of indiscipline. Most Kenyans go there and they start doing immoral things and that leads to them being mistreated.”

He continued, “It is very important for some who wants to go to the Middle East to first of all know if the agency that is taking them there has processes in place to assist them in case of a problem.

His statement is so stupid I wish it had a face so I can slap it. But what do you expect from him. Here’s some of the comments from the angry Kenyans