Recently, a Kenyan singer Ester Akoth who is popularly known as Akothee disclosed that Nelly Oaks is the only man in her heart. Nevertheless, Oaks who is her former manager has been more of a friend, a partner and a soul mate since five years ago. Moreover, she stated that she is ready to have a long-lasting romantic relationship with Nelly Oaks despite experiencing breakups in her past relationships. The singer also confessed that she is more eligible to love again because love is gold and the most beautiful thing to find and cherish in life.


Additionally, Akothee who is the mother of five made it clear that she will love her man till death. Now She has opened her heart to Oaks and she is more comfortable accepting him as the only man in her life. Furthermore, she has ignored all that happened in her past relationships and her love only belongs to Oaks alone.

The two lover birds were too determined to be distracted by those who were predicting that their love will end in tears.

Some hours ago Akothee posted Nellyoak’s photo on her official Facebook page saying how nellyoaks has hurt her after he deleted all her photos from his Instagram page.

This is a clear indication that their love has started turning sour after three months of engagement.

The following is what Akothe had to say. “Feeling heartbroken, the son of pharaoh just deleted my photos from his Instagram page. Nellyoaks you are going nowhere” Akothe wrote.

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