Socialite and Businesswoman Amber Ray has responded to those who accused her of causing Amira so much pain. Amber has been the subject of discussion in her ex-husband’s marital disputes with Amira all week long.

While Jimal heavily defended her role in his failed marriage, Amira felt that Amber played a huge role at the end of her union.

Jimal absolved Amber of blame saying she gave him peace and had nothing to do with his public breakup.

He said Amira had been using black magic to confuse him, and that she also had affairs in the home he bought for her.

Amira denied all these claims in subsequent comments. She disclosed in an Instagram live session on Friday, March 10 that Jimal would spend money on Amber and her son while neglecting her and their kids.

She told of the hardship she underwent trying to provide for her children while her husband spent his money on other women.

This aggravated online in-laws who took to Amber Ray’s Instagram comment section to tell her as much.
Most IG users expressed her anger at Amber for having broken the home of Amira and Jimal.

‘Homebreakers is a no for me.😢” They wrote prompting Amber to lash out in anger.

Amber Ray replied “@vallgrandah and you are still following me? ama unangoja nizi unbreak?🤣”

On her Instagram, Amber wrote “Polite reminder, msisahau kumeza dawa za pressure mapema leo” she said adding a laughing emoji.

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