Zora is a Kenyan based telenovela show that airs on Citizen Television every weekday at 7:30pm. It has been one of the most popular shows in the country ever since it aired in March

Each day new turn of events always comes up. The love triangle in the show has been made to be more intriguing.

Robert Agengo alias Fella was married to Zora(Sarah Hassan) but the two broke up due to his infidelity. Zora chose to walk out of the marriage on grounds of infidelity. It was Fella who brought another woman on their matrimonial bed.

Zora ran to her friend Nana(Jackie Matubia) for help. However, turns out they were not great friends. She (Zora) chose to walk out to build her own life.

However, in his post today, Fella is seen carrying Zora’s backstabbing best friend, Nana on his arms.

Some asking him if he has chosen to shift his attention to the friend after his plan to win Zora back failed, while others think it’s a twist in the coming episodes,

Here are some of the Netizens reactions

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