Raila’s aid Silas Jakakimba has accused Winnie Odinga of being extremely disrespectful. According to Jakakimba,Winnie insulted him for reasons he is yet to understand. According to him, his photo with Ruto when he visited Homabay County could be the root of all the insults




Silas Jakakimba stated that he did put the photo on his bio and that’s why Winnie Odinga used the F word against him. He also defended himself stating that he is an adult who knows what he wants and therefore he cannot be directed by Winnie Odinga.


‘Winnie Odinga used F’Words on me last night for what she terms betrayal in lieu of my Cover Photo. What she fails to appreciate: We respect JAKOM-done nearly half the years of my Life arnd him and if she cares to know, we’ve had to hard-furnace via invisible Sacrifices to that Cadre of loyalty’

According to Silas Jakakimba, Winnie Odinga has been at the forefront bullying persons close to Raila Odinga. After she accused him of being Ruto’s mole in Raila’s inner circle and vowing to ruthlessly deal with him.


Silas Jakakimba is not the first person to come out and allege bullying by Winnie Odinga.