Popular Kenyan Socialite Shakilla has today reignited her conflict with artist Wiily Paul.

The conflict between the two had seemingly died off after Shakilla was accused of being obessed with him and trying to break inside Wiily Paul’s house.

So according to Willy Paul The it was necessary to file a statement with the police after Shakilla’s alleged actions.

However, in a recent Interview, Shakilla hit back at Wiily Paul, revealing that she was currently more popular than him.

According to Shakilla’s, Pozee had edited text messages between the two in order to make it seem like there was no planned meeting between the two.

Shakilla, went on to cut off the interviewer from bringing up Wiily Paul’s name during her Interview, the artist was not worth her time.

Finally the Socialite took a swipe at Pozee’s dreads which she alleged were made of strings rather than authentic hair.