Xtian Dela’s Fans have savagedly attacked Andrew Kibe over his remarks after Dela posted his pregnant girlfriend.

Xtian Dela flaunting fatma Banj’s baby bump on social media has got  Andrew kibe on his case.

Andrew Kibe had stated that Xtian’s behaviour was reducing him to a ‘boy’ rather than a man.

”Then there’s this new group of human beings who are celebrating… Ukiangalia mtu ka Xtian, tangu apate dem, hakuna content anatoa. Confused N*gga. What’s this bullsh*t of you taking photos of your naked girlfriend? What’s that?… We don’t give a sh*t…”

According to Kibe, pregnancy shouldn’t be something to show off.

Xtian kept calm on the paramount issue, and  He reposted Andrew Kibe’s video and captioned;

”Thank you Andrew Kibe. Message is home”

We definitely know that Xtian is just being sarcastic in  his response. It’s more of a cryptic response rather than heeding to his words.

His fans showed no mercy to Kibe as they gave wild reactions and unleashed Kibe’s previous scandal to their responses.

Some savagely attached Kibe’s beird while others remarked on him chewing highschool kids.
Below are some of the reactions;