President Uhuru close Ally and political advisor Mutahi Ngunyi has responded to Gathoni Wa Muchomba’s last declaration about dumping the Deputy President William Ruto if Uhuru was to ask her to.

Speaking in Inooro TV, The Kiambu Woman Rep, said i she is very ready to dump DP Ruto if President Uhuru calls her explaining that she still loves and respects President Uhuru.

“If he calls to tell me that he wants us to have a conversation, even if I were sitting with the DP, I would go running very fast because we love him as our President,” she said (translated)

The Kiambu Women Representative has prompted political analyst Mutagi Ngunyi a fierce critic of the Deputy President to react warning that DP Ruto should be worried since with time he will realize that Kikuyu’s are never bought.

“Kikuyus will BETRAY Ruto LAST minute. And I am NEVER wrong on political PREDICTIONS,” Mutahi Ngunyi stated.

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