Tusker Project Fame six first runners up Amos and Josh have opened up on their reunion and what led to their split two years back. The duo explained that their comeback will be explosive as they have their vision and energy back.

“We’ve always been ready and coming back was just the question of when. I think it’s about that time and look out for good stuff. Since we got the dream back, the energy is definitely as it was or even bigger or better. The vision is clearer now and more energy,” the duo said.

Amos said the break took a toll on them since they had a lot of people following them, but also prepared them for their comeback.

Explaining their split, Josh said they lost focus and at some point they started contradicting on things that they used to believe in at the beginning of their career.

Because of the many influences in the industry, we had diverted from what we were doing and at some point we started contradicting with the things we used to believe in. That’s the kind of contention that made us slow down because we were not able to put out content and there was a lot of disparity between us. So I figured I can’t do this,” Josh said.

After some time, Amos called a meeting and suggested they part ways because they had lost passion for doing music. “I called a meeting and we agreed amicably to split but if we come back again its okay. Because you know when you’re not comfortable with something even your energy or how you give yourself to it drops,” Amos Explained

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