It’s not the first time that a music video great numbers of views on YouTube to be deleted. Many artists in Kenya including Mejja’s Song, ‘Kanairo’ have suffered this kind of thing. The work will be deleted if files of copyright claim is proven.

Many upcoming artist and even Stars usually files a complain on YouTube officially if they feels that their work is copied.

“Ndovu ni kuu” a hit that was released by Krispah , Khaligraph Jones and Boutrose have been deleted following a copyright claim by an upcoming artist here in Kenya.

This being a big blow to both the stars since it had about three million views since it was released about a month ago.

Many fans liked the song but enjoying it again on YouTube will be impossible. Ndovu ni kuu have made Krispah to be recognized in the industry and I’m sure it will not be easy for him.

The upcoming artist claimed that the beats of the song V8 and created the line, ‘Hakuna masomo KU Wamekataa.”

Further more this artist alleged that ‘Ndovu ni kuu’ has promoted violence in Kenyatta University and parents have now refused to pay school fees because of the song.

I must say that the last part hit me, the reasoning especially. Why a parent won’t pay school fees because of a song seem far fetched right?

What do you think?
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