“Nairobi!” The song by Bensoul is what best describes relationships in Kenya.

It is a shared property whose ownership can change anytime.

Amber Ray with Jimal

We all know that Amber Ray broke up with Jimal right? And he’s back together with his wife.
Well, not so long ago too socialite Amber Ray was dating musician Brown Mauzo, Who is Currently married to Socialite Vera Sidika.

During their relationship, Amber and Brown Mauzo were head over heels in love.

The couple could not hide much of their affection, as they would constantly be seen hanging out together, and gushing over each other online.

Brown Mauzo even got a tattoo of Amber Ray and they would give us couple goals pictures in their holidays on numerous occasions.

Other than this, Brown Mauzo went to a higher level by singing a song to his then queen, Amber Ray.  Hasn’t he just sang a song for Vera?

Upto to date, the description on ‘Would you love me’ song by Brown Mauzo shows that it was dedicated to Amber Ray.

It was barely months after breaking up with Amber Ray that Brown Mauzo hopped onto the next socialite on the line; Vera Sidika.

Even though the reality of Mauzo having a relationship with Amber is out there, Vera Sidika dismissed it.
Do I even need to remind you that that Vera was also in a relationship with Otile Brown and he also sang a song for her before jumping on Mauzo? This is a chain